Frank Santoro
“How fiction, how this narrative, filters the personal and media landscape and feeds it back into itself like an equation. Like a Fractal.”

"I consider reading Storeyville for the first time one of the touchstones of my life as a cartoonist and the book itself one of the landmarks of comics' development." - Chris Ware from his introduction to the Picturebox edition of Storeyville.

Born in Pittsburgh, Frank Santoro is well known for his visionary colors and evocative sense of place. In the early 1990's, he dropped out of art school to pursue comic book making, and first became known in 1995 for Storeyville, a “perfect match of form and content” that was re-released in 2007 by Picturebox. More recently he has collaborated with Ben Jones on Cold Heat where the two storytellers are “applying Jones’s surreal, biting prose to Santoro’s elegant yet dynamic renderings”. Many folks will also recognize Santoro for his rather passionate opinions about comics and storytelling in general as shared at the group blog, Comics Comics. He lives "on the road".

There's more to see and read at cold heat and on his blog.