“...and you wanna know “the point” of creating this comic? Shit, man, i wish you could tell me.”

Gabby Schulz is Ken Dahl, who is sort of neither of these people, but also both of them. And a few more besides. He was born and raised awkwardly in Honolulu, Hawai’i. He now resides tentatively in Brooklyn, NY. One day, and he doesn’t know when, he’s going to get to that place where he really wants to go, and he’ll walk in the sun; but ’til then tramps like him, baby they were born to run.

Schulz was the 2006-2007 Fellow at the Center for Cartoon Studies. In 2007 his first serialized issue of Monsters won an Ignatz Award for Outstanding Minicomic. In 2008, his 10-page story in Papercutter no.6 was also no small part of the reason that issue won an Ignatz too, for Outstanding Collection. His new graphic novel about STDs, Monsters, is available from Secret Acres. It has been nominated for a 2010 Eisner Award, and won an(other) Ignatz for Outstanding Story. His other book, Welcome to the Dahl House, continues to sell briskly since its publication last year. It was awarded the 2008 Expozine prix for Best English-language Graphic Novel.

Gabby likes pie, the woods, and health insurance. He is in the market for a cheap pedal-steel guitar, since his violin ambitions lapsed due to a strained neck (and complaints from the neighbors).

There are many more things at his website.