“I don't think less, or fewer, is always more, or specifically, better. Not necessarily.”

Kevin Huizenga was born in 1977 in Harvey, IL and spent most of his childhood in South Holland, IL, near Chicago. He attended college in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and moved to St. Louis in 2000, where he still lives with his wife, Katie.

Huizenga’s comics are at once straight-forward and wide-ranging. His main character is the suburban dweller, Glenn Ganges.

He began drawing comics in high school, xeroxing the first one (with friends) at the neighborhood Jewel Osco in 1993. Since that time he's made many more self-published comic books. He has collected some of these in Drawn and Quarterly’s series OR ELSE and the collection of short stories, CURSES, as well as Fantagraphics series, GANGES, in their Ignatz imprint.

Since February 2008, Kevin Huizenga has been drawing a comic strip called Amazing Facts and Beyond! with Leon Beyond in the St. Louis Riverfront Times with Dan Zettwoch, they do a new strip every week. His other blogs are The Balloonist , and Fight or Run?.


Ganges 3, 2009

Rumbling Chapter 2, 2009

The Factoids of Life, 2008

New Construction no.2, 2008

Fight or Run: Shadow of the Chopper, 2008

Or Else no.5, 2008

Ganges no.2, 2008

"Balloon," in Kramers Ergot #7, 2008

New Construction no.1, 2007

“Glenn Ganges in Pulverize," in Best American Comics 2007, 2007

Curses, 2006

Sermons no.2, 2006

Or Else no.4, 2006

A Brief Introuduction How To Start Thinking About Learning To Draw Comics Plus a Guidebook to The Center For Cartoon Studies, 2006

Ganges no.1, 2006

Or Else no.3, 2005

Or Else no.2, 2005

Untitled, 2005

"Jeepers Jacobs," in Kramer's Ergot no.5, 2005

Or Else no.1, 2004

USS Catastrophe Election Treasury, 2004

The Feathered Ogre: Designs and Sketches, 2003

Sermons no.1, 2003

Supermonster no.14 Gloriana, 2001

Supermonster no.13 I stand up for zen®

Supermonster no.12 Gertrude

Supermonster no.11 Wabash Ontologies

Supermonster no.10 Letter from Grandma H

Supermonster no.9 Chan Woo Kim

Supermonster no.7 Walkin'

Supermonster no.6 Wabash Ontologies

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