Patrick Kyle
“We do a lot of chores and drink a lot of caffeine around here. We used to use a stove top kettle but we recently switched over to an electric one. It boils the water a lot faster but the lights dim in the kitchen while it's on.”

Patrick Kyle is an artist and illustrator from Toronto, Canada. His self-published comic book series Black Mass was nominated in the best emerging talent category in the 2012 Doug Wright Awards and the Outstanding Series Category in the 2012 Ignatz Awards. He is the Co-editor of Wowee Zonk, an anthology that focuses on avant garde and non-traditional comics.

See Patrick's fine art and illustration work on his website, and see his comics and other jokey stuff on his tumblr page.


Distance Mover Collected, Koyama Press, 2014 (Upcoming)

Perish Plains #1 (Collaboration with Michael DeForge), Perish Publishing, 2013 (Upcoming)

New Comics #2, Mother Books, 2013

New Comics #1, Mother Books, 2013

Special Friend, Mother Books, 2013

The Collected Black Mass, Mother Books, 2012

White Mold, Mother Books, 2012

Distance Mover, Issues #1-12, Mother Books, 2012, 2013

Black Mass, Issues #1-6, Mother Books, 2008 – 2011

This Tactile Earth, Mother Books, 2010

Pobody’s Nurfect. Koyama Press, 2010