Simon Hanselmann
“I have a lot of trouble with being alive sometimes and interacting with other meat-swaddled animated skeletons.”

Hanselmann was born in Launceston, Tasmania in 1981. His Father was a Biker, his Mother a bar worker / heroin addict. His Mother raised him on her own. He was a spoiled only-child. A soft-nerd. He was poor (government benefits/housing, etc.) but his Mother was a master shoplifter and he always had cool stuff. Television taught him about the world. He started obsessively writing and drawing comics when he was eight years old (perhaps as a act of escapism). He petulantly dropped out of school in his tenth year. He's predominately been unemployed his entire life, on government benefits, seeing therapists. The bulk of 1995 through to the present has been spent drawing comics. Everything revolves around producing art.