A Birdsong Shatters the Still by Ted May   & Jeff Wilson 8 May 2013
When Jeff first sent me the story for this, he didn't feel it was complete. I'd bugged him about whether he had any more stories for comics and he sent it to me saying "this is all I've got." But as I read it, I began to really feel it. He had intended on making it into a more developed story, but once we got it sketched into comics form, it felt complete on it's own. So here it is. Our ode to teen revelation and regret. And it's probably the most Iron Maiden shirts I'll ever draw in a single comic. Enjoy.

Nominated for a 2013 Eisner award for Best Short Story, A Birdsong Shatters the Still was originally featured on the pages of Injury no.4, published in 2012 by Ted May & Alternative Comics. It was originally going to be self published, but Marc Arsenault offered to split the price of the run in order to print more copies.

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