Everything Together by Sammy Harkham 20 April 2012
After a decade of work and groundbreaking anthologies, Everything Together collects Sammy Harkham's short-story comics, which condense vast amounts of emotion and information into nuanced cartoon narratives. Harkham’s classic style is both articulate and expedient. At the center of the book are two vastly different tales: Poor Sailor, a sea-faring myth of a man gone to find wealth for his love; and Somersaulting, a kind of fever dream of teenagers in love, whiling away the summer. Alongside these stories are shorter comic strips tackling everything from Napoleon as a tortured artist to touching examinations of Jewish mysticism and life in a shtetl, to satires on contemporary university life. Throughout these tales, Harkham maintains a light touch and emotive wit. The works in this book confirm his place among the best storytellers of his generation.

Here, we present for your perusal excerpts from the stories in Everything Together.