King-Cat no.66 by John Porcellino 8 December 2005
This issue features two longer stories: "Las Hojas" - about playing football with the kids in my old neighborhood, and "Freeman Kame" about... Freeman Kame. Plus Snornose, Blue Light, and a letter from Al. Published in December of 2005 as a 36 page digest-size.
   Porcellino's self-published, photocopied, mostly autobiographical series King-Cat Comics is among the best-known and longest-running minicomics produced today, begun when Porcellino was a teenager and still going strong.

the Middle Nowhere
by Jordan Crane
In between the middle of the dark nothing and all that lies beyond, there is the middle nowhere.  A man in a small shack waits.  All around him is a black sand desert.  The wind rises, the rain comes, and this just might be the end of everything he's known.

16 pages
Black & White
5.5" x 7.5"
Staple Binding