Poor Sailor by Sammy Harkham 24 April 2012
Originally seen as a mini-comic and then as part of the revolutionary anthology Kramer's Ergot #4. Harkham's inspiration for this haunting tale is Guy de Maupassant's short story "At Sea," which tells of the tragedy that occurs when property protection prevails over human suffering and loss.
   With a quiet tone that's eerie, emotional, honest and moving, Poor Sailor uses few words to tell a similar tale of a woodsman who trades a simple but contented life for adventure at sea.

Men’s Feelings no.1
by Ted May
      You need some hot summer reading for when you're vacationing on the beach, at the pool or under the viaduct etcetera? Men's Feelings is an all new collection of short gag strips that aren't really gag strips. Which is why they will Blow Your Mind. Ted May's first solo comic book in a long time (since It Lives!).

36 pp, black & white
8.5" x 5.5"
Staple Binding

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Birdseye Bristoe
by Dan Zettwoch
      A mysterious stranger comes to town. Only the town is not really a town and the stranger is a gigantic cell-phone tower.

When the sole resident of the town of Birdseye Bristoe reluctantly agrees to lease his land to a conglomerate of telecommunications carriers, and sets the somewhat random condition that the tower be built with a huge crossbar set horizontally into the mast, making it also the world’s largest cross. Birdseye Bristoe begins with the destruction of the cell tower and works backward to unravel the story of its fall.

64 pp, black & white
10" x 7.7"

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