The Ghost of Dragon Canoe by Dan Zettwoch 7 April 2010
This 18 page, full-color story was featured in the incredible Kramers Ergot no.5, published by Avodah Books and Gingko Press.
   There's a volatile mix of set pieces in this story: teenagers, caves, a school bus, beer, heavy metal, grizzly roadkill, a Pantera T-shirt, and a whole lot of heart. Drawing with a remarkable level of detail, Zettwoch guides us along with highly descriptive cross-section illustration and birds-eye views.
   During the busride, the teens sing a rendition of the popular kids' gross-out folk song "Great Green Gobs of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts." In November of 2009, using the character Leon Beyond, Zettwoch drew an explanation of the song's origins.
   Fellow St.Louis cartooist Kevin Huizenga describes it thusly: “He’s filled that story with so many diagrams and cutaways that are unnecessary to the story, and to me that’s what’s so beautiful about Dan’s work. They function like descriptive text would in prose: You start to get a visual sense of the world of the story just from all these diagrams and cutaways. That’s unique to comics.”

continued in two weeks